Monday, February 22, 2010

More Boards Coming!

This project has been on hiatus for a very long time and it's finally getting some of my love and attention. So let me update you on what's going on right now. I've reached a point where I am realizing how I'm really missing out on a lot of the fun projects I roll around in my head and in sketchbooks. I over think them and get caught up with coming up with more before I even get into the original ideas. Basically I've got a lot I want to do and it's about time I start doing it.

With this blog, I was attempting to pursue a line of work that was about remaking/customizing classic boardgames or maybe even modern ones and bringing in peoples input and interest about what to do next and what would be a cool idea and maybe even start passing them out to people. I started making my original Fireball Island nearly 2 years ago this time of year so it's only fitting that I finally make some more.

People over at Board Game Geek have let me know they are interested in these boards coming back. So I'm on the job. With the original I hand carved from foam a newly designed island. This time, I'm making a mold of the original and adding all of my high detailed effects to recreate that wonderful handmade look.

The process has been hard going so far. I've run into lots of problems and have had a hard time fitting in working on them. But I am pushing through and it looks like we will be ok. I've been tracking my progress with photos and some video clips and am working on putting them together for future posts (which will not come later than a few days time, trust me!).

I want everybody interested in following this to know that I have recently pulled a clean casting from the mold and it's ready to be painted, detailed and played on in the upcoming week(s). Please stay tuned!

Thank you for the support BGGers!

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Orlando said...

Awesome, can't wait to read/see more!