Monday, February 22, 2010

Making A Mold

I couldn't help myself, I wanted to at least post a picture and pictures without words would just be unfair. So let's talk about the mold making process briefly.

I'm am using a mold making material called Moulage. I bought it in 2005 and haven't used it for anything until now. Here is a description of it from an art site:

MOULAGE: A rubber-like material used for taking impressions from life. Applied warm with a brush or palette knife, captures minute details for a negative mold. May be remelted and used over and over. No expensive equipment is necessary. Just heat Moulage slowly in a double boiler to 115°F (46°C). Do not use an aluminum pan or utensils as it will cause a chemical reaction that will ruin the Moulage. The mold may be cut up, remelted, and reused 50 to 100 times. Store molds in airtight containers to prevent drying out.

So here you can see my set-up. It took a while to melt down enough of it to make a strong mold. I ended up using all of it in that bucket - can't remember how much that cost. I goofed and didn't take photos or video of applying this stuff so I'm going to have to leave that for another time. But I will show you how I set up the board too...

I put a sheet of plexiglass down and taped my original island down so no moulage would leak in under it. You can see my pot off to the side. Using a chip brush I just slopped all of it on there making sure to coat everything evenly and heavily. It's really fun stuff to use and it's awesome to see once you're done.

There are a few more steps in this whole process but I'm tired and want to get to bed. Tomorrow I'll finish this mold portion up and we can move on to discovering how painting and finishing an island works.

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