Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making The Mold

So it's been a few weeks since the last post but I'm finally up and running.

Today I built the moulage mold and will prepare the mother mold this weekend. All the while I'm still working out ideas for the themes and material usage. A more in-depth update will be up later today as I work on the video of the mold making process from today!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fireball Island Recruitment

Hey everyone, glad you made it.
We're back in business.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Finished Fireball Island

Here it is folks, the newly finished Fireball Island! What a trip it's been. What's been keeping me going is a guy out in CA who is going to be the proud owner of this piece. He's very worried about the shipment being damaged but I'm very confident in the strength of the object as well as my packing skills. Alain, the new owner, has really kept me interested in the project with his enthusiasm and excitement. We are both really into this whole thing and hope more comes from it. We talked the other night about Torpedo Run!, a very awesome game that puts Battleship to shame. I might be looking into recreating that game in the future, we'll have to see. But at the very least I am confident that I can make more Fireball Islands, and am taking offers to anyone who is interested in one. So check out the pics and stay on the look out for more boards to come. Thanks again, Alain!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Frame Stained

Just a few pics of the newly stained and sealed frame. I've also been addressing some of the land formations and lava flow. I think it's getting much better, but not quite done yet! I feel like I say that every time though :/

EDIT: These may be a bit blurry because I took the camera off the tripod, sorry.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Morning Light Pics

What a difference natural lighting makes, eh? More tuning to do, work work work. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad Flash Sneak Peaks

Here are just a fe
w more images of the board as it nears completion. At the moment things are moving along very nicely and I'll be able to finish most things up by tomorrow night. I'm planning on being done by Sunday and wanted to post a few images quickly tonight. But because it is night time and I don't have adequate lighting for good photos on short notice at this hour I had to use flash. It's a sad thing... colors are a bit off and harsh, but at least you can see the tree groupings and the new idol! I'll be posting better quality images tomorrow once I get a good amount of sunlight coming in through the windows :) Check out this idol! I'll post some images of the mold and such later on.

Edit: Yikes, just took a look at some of those photos up close. Very bright. I promise things look better in person and I can get much more natural images tomorrow, so just sit tight.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painting Process Photos cont.

Here are a few more images of the painting process. I'm changing things as I go, getting a feel for the paint on this casting. It's much smoother than the first board I made because it was poured into a mold so I have to handle the paint differently. I think it's coming along nicely though. A lot has changed between these photos and the last ones.

That far shot looks nice. The board is very sturdy in that wooden frame but I'm still unsure as to what to do with it. I've considered painting it that blue-violet color from the box, or maybe just plain black or white? There's also the option of staining it a natural wood color. One of the funnest parts to rework were the rocks and crashing ocean waters in this corner of the board. I've been using a heavy body acrylic medium to create peaks and crashes, then using watered down blues and whites to create the right effect. Looking very nice. Also, the space have been really fun to make. Using several coats of white/gray is a long process but they look very neat and graphic almost in contrast to the natural looking forms of the board. I really like that contrast. It's very interesting how you shift back and forth from reality and fantasy when looking at it.

The waterfalls and cave near the idol have been a lot of fun to work on. I always had a hard time looking at the water and fire coming down the chute there. So I decided the water should come from a cave mouth right below that area where the fireball comes down. I think it's looking good. just need to work a little bit more on the water and lava but I'm happy so far. Also, the whiteness in the rock I'm doing there I think relates more to a scorched rock, or something very absent of life. I'm working on new lava trail effects and still not sure about the smoldering pits. I've been making it look like lava under the surface but I'm not sure this makes sense. I suppose it doesn't have to of course...

Now I'm in the process of adding vegetation to the board! It really pulls everything together when you put that stuff on. I'll have to add some more images of that this weekend, I'm hoping to finish it very soon because there's someone already interested in it that I'd love to send it too ASAP!

I'm also in the process of making a mold of the idol. I wasn't planning on doing it, but things have changed so I'm trying to get a good mold from it. I've taped the seam shut and closed off the negative space in the back and front. The latex rubber I'm using goes on in several layers to produce a good form for repeating castings. I'll have to make the main part a two-piece mold after it's finished to release it properly, but that's ok. More about that later, wish me luck with it! I think it could turn out incredible with some good painted effects on it.