Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fireball Island Recruitment

Hey everyone, glad you made it.
We're back in business.


Jiveturkey said...

Hi Rodney,
Just got your email and I am excited that you are revisiting the idea.

Based of some concerns in your email, here is some feedback. The board itself is the main thing. I personally dont care about original cards or bridges or tokens. With your board so new and live makes sense for the other smaller pieces of the game to fit in as well. So a throw back 80's plastic guy, vs a new 2012 plastic guy, helps make the game feel like a brand new game and doesn't remind you that you half a hodge podge board game.

I have faith in you of being able to come up with modern day substitutes for the old hard to find items. Its probably cheaper just to do it all modern as well.

Another idea. You could even call the Game something new: For example... Return to Fireball Island or Fireball Island Revenge,etc...

This would allow you to make a new story, that played off the original game. Thus change rules and game play to make the game even more fun, and something more appealing to today's kids and nut just us old geeks from when the first game came out in the 80's, lol.

I also would like to hear more about these sci fi and antartic themes you have thought about.


rodney said...

Dave, you have a great idea about more modernization of the game parts. Lots of things could be developed that create a completely new experience that still embraces the same basic game-play of the original.

I'll have to work this around. I was worried that I hadn't checked my mold making moulage in a long time but was relieved to find it just fine in it's bucket in the garage. That will be a useful tool in making molds for reproduced new pieces.

My original concepts for new themes would consist primarily of altered board designs. Whether that was in a new paint job without jungle elements or by adding in futuristic & technological parts in there. I am interested in creating a very lush environment whichever version it is so we'll see where it takes me.

Thanks for the comments!


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back at it I will keep a eye out for updates. - this is Sal by the way.

One word "Expantions" lol -

Anonymous said...

Check out these figs -

Pirate jewels I use as replacement. - makes custom cards.

Check out these new rules or character cards.

Character cards -

Inferno rules -

The bridges and be replaces with cut popcicle sticks. Token can be any nicnac, I use little bronze skull masks from a charm necklace I got off ebay. - Sal