Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad Flash Sneak Peaks

Here are just a fe
w more images of the board as it nears completion. At the moment things are moving along very nicely and I'll be able to finish most things up by tomorrow night. I'm planning on being done by Sunday and wanted to post a few images quickly tonight. But because it is night time and I don't have adequate lighting for good photos on short notice at this hour I had to use flash. It's a sad thing... colors are a bit off and harsh, but at least you can see the tree groupings and the new idol! I'll be posting better quality images tomorrow once I get a good amount of sunlight coming in through the windows :) Check out this idol! I'll post some images of the mold and such later on.

Edit: Yikes, just took a look at some of those photos up close. Very bright. I promise things look better in person and I can get much more natural images tomorrow, so just sit tight.

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