Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finishing Plaster Work

So today I brought the island down for foam inspection. I had some gaps between it and the frame that needed filing. So here you can see how I glued in some pink foam and sprayed expanding foam in where it was smaller for a tighter fit.

To get a nice smooth transition between the island then ocean then frame I need to cover these areas with more plaster. Again, I'm using a sheetrock compound with a 20 min. set time. First I cut out the expanding foam that rose above the frame because this is supposed to be the ocean area and while some foam is ok to simulate boulders, too much looks silly and should be removed. There should be no doubt this is an island, right? I cut it out then mixed up some mud and applied it generously at first to make sure I'm filing any voids in there and add strength. Here you can see that process.

Once that is all set inside it should be right about time for this stuff to start hardening up on you. This is a great time to go back and smooth out those areas that are too high or need better blending into the island. It will get harder and harder to do this so act fast and in no time you'll have a solid plane of plaster ready for painting and detailing!

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